Ich will Deutsch lernen

The online portal for learning German

“ich-will-deutsch-lernen.de” (www.iwdl.de) is a free-of-charge online learning portal. It offers exercises from level A1 to B1, as well as a wide range of tools for learning the alphabet, aimed at people who write with a different script.
In the “Languages and jobs” area you will find 30 scenarios with a range of practice material for job-related communication up to level B1+.

What the learning portal offers

With “ich-will-deutsch-lernen.de” you can learn and practise German whenever you like, and however you like. You decide which exercises you do, when, and how fast you work. At the same time, you will be personally supported by a qualified tutor.

Programme and learning pathways

The exercises on “ich-will-deutsch-lernen.de” are mapped out on a learning plan, arranged like a board game. You decide for yourself where to start, and then whether you follow the suggested “ideal” learning pathway through the programme, or select your own learning units to suit you. You can repeat exercises at any time, or change your learning level. You can see your learning progress in the “Learning portfolio” area.
Deutsch lernen online und kostenlos - Spielplan

Schnitzel and Dolmades – the learning portal's web soap opera

Stories from the lives of the Greek Tsantidis family, Emre the Turkish kiosk owner, Inga the Danish student and her friends and neighbours, all provide you with the linguistic source material from various everyday situations for working with “ich-will-deutsch-lernen.de”. Across 45 episodes, the web soap opera introduces the various chapters and guides you through the portal.

How it works

  • Register for free at www.iwdl.de using your own e-mail address – the form is available in 16 languages.
  • You will receive an e-mail containing a confirmation link that you need to click in order to complete the registration process. Then you can get started with the learning portal, wherever and whenever you like.
If you want to learn as part of your course leader’s learning group you will need to get a password from them. You can use this password and your e-mail address to simply log on via the start page – make sure that you don’t click on the “Register” button.
Would you like to have a look before you sign up? To do so, choose the “Guest” access option and explore “ich-will-deutsch-lernen.de”.


There are support films available in all parts of the learning portal. These explain the relevant topic area and the type of exercise you are currently working on. Your tutor will also be happy to help you use “ich-will-deutsch-lernen.de”.

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